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Subcontracting Work Flow

Sub-contracting is the process of engaging supplier firms to perform specific value addition to a product. Typically firms outsource (sub-contract) certain processes that they do not have the capability or capacity to handle internally. Goods, mostly in semi-finished form are sent to the sub-contractors who then do specific value addition tasks and ship the goods back. The ownership of the material remains with the firm and sub-contractors are compensated for the service value addition.

Subcontracting Process includes the following features
  • Sub-contracting Delivery Challan.
  • Print Delivery Challan.
  • Receipt of goods from sub-contractor.
  • Create sub-contractor invoice.
  • Paying sub-contractor.
  • Stock balance at sub-contractor.
  • Payables to sub-contractor.
Subcontracting Process Flow:
issue material to subcontract