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Purchase / Goods Inward Movement Process

NEO Clouds ERP's end-to-end handling of the flow of supply guarantees the integrity, tracking, and consistency of the process. Each document in the supply process is based on the information contained in the previous document, so that repetitive introduction of data and human errors are avoided. In this way, it is possible to navigate through different documents that conform to a determined flow (order, goods receipt, invoice, payment) and know in real time the state of any given order (pending, delivered, partially delivered, invoiced, etc). The natural integration of this process with accounting guarantees that the finance department always has up to date and reliable data at its disposal. Key functionality includes:

  • Maximize cash flow by standardizing and automating AP processes.
  • Reduce inventory and distribution costs, while maintaining high service levels.
  • Share inventory and usage information with suppliers through secure role-based browser access, and easy web services integration.
  • Control employee purchases through centralized web-based requisition management.
  • Integrate warehouse processes to reduce waste, errors, and cycle times.
  • Respond quickly to inventory shortages, supply changes, and shipment delays.
  • Purchase planning, based on production necessities, keeping in mind minimum stock levels, goods receipts dates, and pending requests.
  • Support for purchase requisitions for centralized purchase management.
  • Purchase orders. Rates applications: prices, discounts and price limit controls.
  • Warehouse control of goods pending receipt.
  • Correction of orders. Creation of purchase orders from sales orders. Refunds to the vendor.
  • Receipts. Automatic creation from pending order lines. Automation of incoming goods (location according to priority).
  • Refunds to the vendor (according to stocks). Cancellation of delivery notes.
  • Purchase invoices. Application of rates: prices, discounts and control of price limit.
  • Automatic creation from order lines or delivery note lines pending invoicing.
  • Invoicing of goods processed in consignment.
  • Order. Cancellation of invoice (leaving pending for invoicing the associated documents).
  • Relationship between orders, delivery notes and invoices.
  • Expense Invoices.
  • Massive printing of documents.
  • Purchasing order reports, vendor invoices.
Purchase / Goods Inward Movement Process Flow:
purchase process flow