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Human Resource and Payroll Management

NEO Clouds Human Resource and Payroll Management is extremely user-friendly, the HR & Payroll module helps in managing employee information and assists in processing payroll. Designed to cater to varied kind of businesses its features include:

Module Setup
  • Attendance & Payroll Cycle
  • Employee Category.
  • Employee Departments.
  • Employee Designation/Position.
  • Employee Pay grade.
Employee Information Management (Employee Records Management)
  • Employee General Information.
  • Employee Personal Details.
  • Employee Employment History.
  • Employee Qualification Details.
  • Employee Leave Information.
Time and Attendance Management
  • Employee Attendance marking/logging (in/out).
  • Import Attendance.
  • Manual Punch-in/Punch-out.
  • Attendance Processing.
Work Shift Management
  • Creating Work shifts.
  • Assigning HR to specific Work shifts.
  • Overtime Accounting.
Team Management
  • Creating Team.
  • Assigning HR to specific team.
Leave management
  • Recording Opening balance.
  • Allocation of leave.
  • Leave Requisition.
  • Leave Approval/Rejection.
  • Leave Adjustment.
  • Leave Encashment Requisition.
  • Leave Encashment Approval/Reject.
  • Employee Leave Status Report.
Payroll & Benefits Management
  • Payroll Setup.
  • Pay grade generation (Associate Pay Components).
  • Employee Salary Setup.
  • Pay Additions.
  • Pay Deductions.
  • Employee Reimbursement.
  • Employee Benefits/Allowances.
  • Professional Tax Computation.
  • TDS Computation.
  • Payroll processing.
  • Payroll Journal posting.
  • Full & Final settlement.
  • Pay slip Generation.