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Business Intelligence (BI)
Measure business performance and achieve your objectives:
sales by partner and products

Reporting, multidimensional analysis (OLAP), balanced scorecards.

Nowadays, business organizations handle a great deal of data in the practice of their business activities. This does not necessarily mean that they have available to them the necessary information for the management of their enterprise. The Business Intelligence component of NEO Clouds ERP, integrated into the management system, will help you to monitor of the state of your company, providing you with the relevant information for decision-making. The predefined balanced scorecard will allow you to verify, through the monitoring of a series of key indicators, if the defined strategy is being correctly implemented in your organization.

  • Integrated with application management.
  • Reports definable by user.
  • Pre-established dimensions (third party, product, product category, product category, project, campaign, etc.) and dimensions established by use.
  • Predefined balanced scorecard.